24/7 Recovery HELPLINE:  877-301-HOPE

Do you or a loved one have an addiction problem?

Find the right treatment program for the addicted individual. We are here to get the right help for you.

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Get 12 months of monitoring and support.

Guardian Case Monitoring program is designed to monitor a client’s progress as they work to maintain their sobriety.

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Develop an Independent life after treatment

Our Guardian Life Skills program targets clients in recovery to help develop and nurture the skills needed for a successful, independent life after treatment.

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Welcome to Guardian Recovery Network

At Guardian Recovery Network, it is our mission to provide our clients and their families with a continuum of care throughout the recovery process. Our services are designed to provide assistance at each phase of the journey, which we feel is vital to decreasing the overall relapse rate and improving the quality of life for people in recovery. We are committed to supporting our clients as they make the journey from active addiction towards a successful and fulfilling future by empowering them with necessary life skills, confidence and support.

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Get the help and support you and your loved need.